Kallia Kefala

Costume and Stage Design
Artistic Research

Kallia Kefala is a Berlin based costume designer and stage designer. She studied architecture at the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and costume design (MA) at the Berlin University of Arts Berlin (UdK). Since 2011 she lives in Berlin, where she works as a freelance costume and stage designer. She currently works increasingly with performance. Her live acts often include photography, video, sound and installation. She is particularly invested in researching notions around gender, the body as a materiality and as a field of discourse, the limitations of representation and the codes which construct and reproduce identities.

       This Space In Between (performance) 2023

Inspired by the connections     between migrant experiences        and pop music, This Space In        Between explores              embodiments of in-between states. Through songs, sounds, remixes and calculated choreographies, three performers examine states of being in motion, arriving, not/working and celebrating for their inherent in-between places, in-between times, and in-between languages. Influenced by transgenerational migration experiences in Germany, by queer music cultures as well as by the losses and delights of the working class, the performers improvise post-migrant pop utopias. They employ polyphonies, hybridity and in-between cultures as choreographic strategies to claim space and as transformative paradigms for social and artistic formations.

Concept, Direction, Performance: Kallia Kefala, Performance: Minh Duc Pham, Katerina Papachristou, Composition, Live Music: Katerina Papachristou, Artistic Collaboration, Outside Eye: Sylvester Röpcke, Curatorial and research collaboration: District* (Suza Husse, Joe Ekenhorst,Communication: District*, Soundscapes: Kim Bode, Creative Producer: Martina Neu, Technical Direction: Cécile, Costume Collaboration: Aleix Llussa Lopez, Vocal Coaching: Christiane „Bobo“ Hebold

at Uferstudios Berlin

Photos: Louisa Boeszoermeny, Martina Neu

Supported by FondsDarstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR. This Space In Between is a production of Kallia Kefala and district*schule ohne Zentrum in the Uferstudios. The event on 1.7. was part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2023 and took place in cooperation withKulturprojekte Berlin.

Renting Berlin (mini series) 2023

We follow two real estate agents as they set off to Berlin to explore a new market.
Soon they will realize that the demand is huge, people are desperate, while the properties on offer are extremely poor. In their attempts to set foot in the business they join forces with a Berlin real estate owner.
What will prevail in the end, speculation or solidarity?

Director, Production, Editing: Monika Freinberger 
By and with: Nolundi Tschudi, Lauri Wagner, Monika Freinberger, Dani Aérea Negrot, Vera Maria Kremers, Carmel Colabella, Mino Künze
Camera: Anatole Powilleit
Sound: Juan Carlos Donal Varela, Cécile Perrot, Francesca Rotundo
Costume/Set: Kallia Kefala, Costume-assistence: Aleix Llusa 
Set-assistence: Kathi Sušec
Production-assistence: Lara Ledwa

a TVWOW production

Funded by: Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR.

PLANET LUBUNYA (theater performance) 2022

a queer science fiction theater performance

at Ballhaus Ost Berlin

Artistic direction & direction: Irem Aydin 
Concept: Irem Aydin & Efe Durmaz
BolBola aka Michael(a) Daoud,  Queen of Virginity, David JongSung Myung, Valli Sefa Okutan, & Olympia Bukkakis  Cameo by Kübra Uzun (on screen)
Dramatugy, Choreography: Kareth Schaffer
Stage & Costume design: Kallia Kefala
Stage & Costume collaboration: Aleix Llussà Lòpez
Project consultant, scriptwriting & translation: Liv Katny 
Sound design: Gizem Oruç aka 6zm
Film director: Efe Durmaz
Video & Graphic design: Ainissa V 
Project assistance: Pegah Keshmirshekan 
Technical Direction & Light:
Fabian Eichner
Production Management:
Tine Elbel
Photos: Mayra Wallraff

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste


MÜDE (performance) 2021

MÜDE is a solo multimedia performance about the state of being tired. It intends to produce an intimate public space, a soft shell inside which comfort and discomfort coexist. The friction between reality and dream, gravity and lightness, privilege and responsibility creates a multi-sensorial disaster that resists to perform what it is being asked to. A cozy world where all expectations can be denied. MÜDE is an invitation to contemplate on living and working under the pressure of efficiency and achievement and on the ideal of self optimization. Moreover, it is about unlearning those. The piece pursues to discover radical potentials in fatigue and explores new possible ways to connect with each other and with the world.

Concept/Direction/Performance: Kallia Kefala, Movement dramaturgy: Nefeli Gioti,Video design: Gloria Gammer, Sound design: Kim Bode, Light design: Claudia Rutz, Stage & Costume design: Kallia Kefala/Elisa Nelvand, Production: Annett Hardegen, Technical Supervision: Aiko Okamoto, Photos: Louisa Boeszoermeny

Funded by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture and Europe


and the Fonds Darstellende Künste

MÜDE (artistic research) 2020

Funded by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture and Europe


Müde (Weary) evolves around weariness and its relation to precarious living conditions. The focus of the research  lies on fatigue as a material condition as well as on the ways fatigue and tiredness manifest themselves on the surfaces of bodies. In this work the body is perceived as a hybrid, as the materialization of the interaction between flesh, clothes, objects and practices. Müde is a work about intensified working conditions and deteriorated living realities, bodies and the subversive potential of being tired.

Funded by the Senate Department of Culture and Europe

and the Fonds Darstellende Künste


Direction: Louisa Boeszoermeny
Camera: Gene Glover
Sound: Enrique Cuesta
Costumes: Kallia Kefala
Performers: Suma Abdelsamie, Sepehr Brüderlin, Sofia Iordansky, Raha Emami Khansari

Photos: Louisa Boeszoermeny & Kallia Kefala

Three short films. An introduction to queer theory 2020

Three short films which introduce some of the main concepts of queer theory. The performers visualize and embody complex ideas of queer theory as well as its function as a tool for the analysis and critic of power. Hybrid figures playfully unfold notions, terms and arguments around gender and sexuality pointing out their political and social importance.

Concept and realization: Antke A. Engel und Filmfetch, FernUniversität Hagen, Lehrgebiet ‚Bildung und Differenz‘ (2020)

Costume design: Kallia Kefala

Performers: Neo Hülcker, Saboura Naqshband, Jayrôme C.Robinet, Pasquale Virginie Rotter

Sound design: Hyenaz
Foto: Sascha Senicer
Costume assistant: Mia Dünkel

available at http://e.feu.de/queer-theory-videos

The Enclosed Garden (performance) 2019

The enclosed garden is a performance about femininity and sexuality based on christian iconography. I investigate the way sexuality is concealed or described as an allegory inside the framework of christian faith. In doing so, I activate the idea of hortus conclusus (enclosed garden). The concept of the enclosed garden in relation to Virgin Mary pervades the theological thought, the religious written word and her depiction in art during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Hortus conclusus, basically, identifies her with a hermetically sealed and at the same time orgiastic garden. My intention is to place this symbolism outside the religious framework, distorting its original meanings and performing the original narrations around it differently.

Performers: Kim Bode, Nefeli Gioti, Stouli Leporidae

Movement: Nefeli Gioti
Sound: Kim Bode
Photos: Nikos Katsaros

presented at the Athens Festival of Queer Performance (2019)

The performance approaches time as a cultural concept and researches through movement, stage and costume design as well as through footage photos the way time is perceived. By scrutinizing motion, fragments of time are reconstructed in order to palpate linearity, circularity, continuity and discontinuity of time and space. The piece takes place in an indefinable space and time, deploying aesthetic codes of past times as well as new fictive/future ones.

Choreografy: Nefeli Gioti
Costume design: Kallia Kefala
Gallery Haus N Athen (2019)

Tundra 2019

Drag as-self
staging-as Drag (artistic research) 2018

Reasearching the codes of femininity and masculinity in drag performance and in private dressing practices. Trying to draw a connection between performance and performativity, I observe the intersections of theatrical costuming practices and private vestimentery practices in formation of gendered subjectivities. A brief theoretical and photographical research in the history of gender representation in theater and theatrical costume, as well as an approach of drag definitions in a multiperspectival way are the starting points of this research. Locating drag practices in an actual Berlin based scene, I interviewed three performers* with different drag approaches in an attempt to document the multiplicity of drag and research the role of costuming and dressing practices. The project also includes my own experiments of staging femininity and masculinity conducted on my own body. Use of photographic footage material as well as vestimentary practices and gestures inside my own family are methods of entangling biography and personal experience in my project. (2018)

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